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Kickstart your kids independence by unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit.

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A business building community

Kiddsbay is the world’s first kid friendly business building community that provides every kid the opportunity to be who they want to be.
Inspiring kids to tap into their passions and creativity to identify opportunities and to solve problems. These are invaluable skills that will empower kids globally to become self sufficient.

Practical skills to ensure that they are future ready

Kiddsbay will equip your kids with practical skills to ensure that they are future ready by inspiring kids to create and launch their own business in a fun and safe environment.
Kiddsbay prepares kids In this ever changing employment landscape by teaching them business skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, resilience, communication and problem solving skills.

Your kids, their future!

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Can my kid be a Kiddsbayer?

Does your kid already have an entrepreneurial spirit, or do they have a unique talent, or a passion to make a difference or just pure drive & motivation to try new things? They may already have a business idea, or perhaps they don’t! The Kiddsbay Business Map will guide kids step by step on how to create a real business and make real money. Kiddsbay teaches kids the value of money and will give kids a head start in life.