65% of kids entering primary
school today will work in
completely new jobs that
don’t exist yet.

- McLeod, Scott and Karl Fisch, “Shift Happens”

What is Kiddsbay?

Community and Collaborative Environment

Kids Independence

Step by Step Process

Fun, Safe & Educational Environment

Kiddsbay is an online community where kids can kick-start their independence and unleash their entrepreneurial spirit by learning how to build & launch a business, connect globally with other Kiddsbayers, learn practical life skills & have fun along the way!



Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or
feel something, especially to do something


[Kree - eyt]
The act of turning new and imaginative
ideas into reality, helping kids reaching
their potential.



[Em – pur - er]
When you educate kids and believe in
them, you empower those kids to go
after their dreams.

Inspiring kids today giving
them purpose for tomorrow.

Practical skills to ensure
your kids are future ready.


Kiddsbay makes me feel motivated to run a
business. It helps me to do what I am
passionate about: learn and make money!

-Elysia -8 year old founder

Every business starts with a BIG idea!
Kiddsbay takes your kids’ idea and turns them into reality.